User Experience & User Interface Designer
Project Overview
This startup begin as a personal safety app that notifies emergency services with your exact GPS location. As the product evolved, the UX challenge was to add and promote additional features and 3rd party integrations with smart products (Alexa, Next, Canary) while continuing to support a core user base.
  • Google Design Sprints
  • Jobs To Be Done Thinking
  • Customer Interviews & Testing
  • Native App Product Design
  • Brand & Marketing Design
As the first UX/UI hire, I had the opportunity to implement and lead:

"You don’t ask the user what they want—you go out and live with them and literally become the user. You do it not just to tackle the problem you think you’re solving—you need to understand the culture they live in and what motivates them.

Mitch Stein

Director of Human Interface Technologies, Apple